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Next meeting...Sunday November 15...3 p.m. at Shiloh Cemetery in Calhoun for Veteran Grave Dedication


Sunday, November 15...3 p.m. Shiloh Cemetery Calhoun

The family of Union Army veteran, Pvt. William P. Worley and the Charleston-Calhoun-Hiwassee Historical Society will hold a grave marker dedication service at the Shiloh Presbyterian Cemetery in Calhoun on Sunday, Nov. 15 at 3 p.m.  Pvt. Worley died 100 years ago on Nov. 16, 1915 and was buried in an unmarked grave beside his wife, Mary Slaughter Worley, a son, and two grandchildren.  In addition, markers will be dedicated for two of Worley's great-granddaughters who graves had previously been unmarked.  Please plan to attend this special event to commemorate the life of this early resident of the Calhoun community.  The cemetery is located beside the Medowlands Park on Hwy. 163 (Bowater Road).

Pictured above, Walker Valley High students visit The Heritage Center, November 2014

Laura Spann presents program on local Civil War history

Billy Nichols (right) discusses Civil War relics with Fred Underdown

Cherokee Memorial dedication 2013

Cherokee Memorial dedication at Blythe Ferry October 2013

CCH Members meet western band Tribal Chief Jack Baker Trail of Tears President

Visitors to Heritage Center, local scouting groups

Ribbon cutting at Cherokee Memorial Blythe Ferry 2013

Tennessee Chapter Trail of Tears meets at Heritage Center.  Bob Erwin presents program on history of the Harvey Wilson Home, and Cherokee encampment near the house.

The Hiwassee River and the settlements on its banks were witness to important and ultimately heartbreaking historical events. Settled around the river, Charleston and Calhoun were often referred to as the twin cities. These two southern river towns in Tennessee may be small, but their place in history is significant and largely untold until now. An important piece of American history was almost lost until the residents of these two cities decided this was a story that needs to be told and a people who need to be remembered. 
   (Cleveland-Bradley Chamber of Commerce "Your Passport to Explore Cherokee Heritage")


You are invited to begin your own journey of discovery to explore the rich heritage of this area.
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